The traceability solution for your business

Create, register and track.

Everything is well organized and within reach by simply reading a QR code.

Apply our solution in the areas of supply chain, traceability of fruits and vegetables, PET market, automotive market, retail market, protection against product piracy and brand management and licensing.

Create and manage your Tags

You create and manage your own Tags, you can even share them with different profiles making use of different levels of privacy.

So you have the right information in the hands of the right person.

Access this link and see the example of a Tag applied to the traceability of fruits and vegetables in agribusiness.

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Application Areas

Traceability in agribusiness

Registered fruits and vegetables

Track the origin of the fruits and vegetables that you will take to your family. You get information quickly and intuitively by simply reading a QR code.
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PET Market

PET Market

Register your PET and make use of a powerful decentralized PET record to record vaccines, procedures and other records performed by different PET clinics in one place.
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Antifake Tags

Product Authenticity

Get product authenticity guarantees using our smart anti-fake labels.
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Supply Chain

Supply chain

Fine-tune your production. Streamline RECALL processes providing security for your customer and protection for your company.
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Automotive Market

Vehicle Record

Register your vehicle and make use of a powerful decentralized vehicle record to record maintenance, of the most varied mechanics in one place. An up-to-date vehicle record increases the sale value of your used vehicle.
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Brand management and licensing

Brand management and licensing

What product is being licensed? How many? Who is licensed? How to fight counterfeiting?
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Track the location of items in the supply chain, each item has a unique and traceable identity. You can easily RECALL products, ensuring that the information is available in real time to the consumer. You protect the consumer while protecting your company.

Market Place

You can advertise your products on our marketplace, so the tracked product will be available to people who access the system over the internet, so, for example, the farmer can sell his production at a better price to new groups of customers.

Dynamic access to resources

The system provides quick and dynamic access to resources that can be accessed by sharing a link or QR code. No need to download apps, it's simple and straightforward.


All actions are recorded and organized based on a timeline, so you have a history of all actions performed and viewed in chronological order.

Product identification

Identify your assets, products, PET and the most varied resources with the depth of detail that meets the needs of your business. Photo, table of contents and custom data fields that can be shared with the public or with specific profiles and groups.


All Tags will have a traceability linked to them, this tells the story of the Tag in relation to the timeline and actions carried out by the most diverse profiles.


Each profile can make posts similar to a social network and thus share information with its audience.

Comentários e Likes

Imagine a batch of watermelons being marketed shortly after harvest and distributed to various retailers in a particular region. As people buy and taste the watermelons from that batch, they can LIKE and enter comments that can be viewed in real-time by other customers.

Plots on Maps

The movement of assets can be plotted on geographic maps, so you can have a macro view of the movement of a batch of products through a distribution chain and thus, for example, facilitate the withdrawal of products targeted by RECALL.

Social network

In our solution, the focus is on the Tag (resource). Thus, the Tag tells the story of a resource through the actions of the profiles involved with the Tag.

Direct contact

Using this technology, customers can get in direct contact with the producer (without intermediaries) providing feedback while they have access to the producer's profile page and can get up-to-date information about their product line.


We maintain alignment and evolution of our platform in compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).