Antifake Tags

Electronic labels for anti-fake protection

Antifake Tags

Anti-fake labels are electronic labels used to guarantee the originality of products, so, for example, consumers can have a high level of guarantees of origin and authenticity of products such as beverages, automotive parts, medicines, clothing and etc…

These labels are linked to the products and contain 2 QR codes. By reading the first QR code, the consumer identifies the product, its origin and its traceability. Reading the second QR code, on the other hand, provides verification of the product's originality, that is, it provides a high level of assurance that the product corresponds to what is described in the label identification.

Label templates

Sticky label template for licensing management and counterfeit protection
2QR Secure no formato de cartão.
Double-sided label template for affixing to various products for the purpose
of licensing management and protection against counterfeiting.